Salvation Army Disaster Chief: ‘Not One More Day Without Food’

For an update on earthquake relief distribution and the security situation in Haiti, we checked back this afternoon with Bob Poff, an emergency relief coordinator with the Salvation Army in Port-au-Prince.

“There’s definitely a sense of anxiousness as there’s unrest until the food and water supplies begin to flow directly to the people,” Poff told us via Skype.

Poff described a tense situation at the Port-au-Prince airport and said some quake victims are accosting vehicles in their increasingly desperate search for basic supplies.

The Salvation Army was planning to start distributing food Monday afternoon to some 6,000 people — “a pittance” of the people who need it, Poff says — around its damaged compound in the capital.

Poff said he was heartbroken over the desperation he is witnessing, saying he told his team that they must overcome numerous logistical problems to get aid in the hands of people who need it: “We have to feed these people.”

We first spoke with Poff on the second day after the earthquake.

Video production and editing by Dave Gustafson

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