U.S. President Biden welcomes Ukraine's President Zelenskiy at the White House in Washington

WATCH: At White House, Zelenskyy says his message to Putin is he’s ‘destroying our life’

During a joint press conference from the White House alongside President Joe Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he wants to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that he is “destroying our life” in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy’s secretive trip to Washington is taking place in the midst of a nearly yearlong war between Russia and Ukraine that has seen tens of thousands of casualties after Russia invaded the country early this year.

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Zelenskyy said that during a meeting in 2019, Putin told him there would never be a “full-scale war.” Now, Zelenskyy said on Wednesday, “he was lying.”

In a message to Putin, the Ukrainian president said via a translator: “I believe that there is something mortal about his inadequate approach to the world,” adding “he needs to be interested in getting attention from the world because he is not a subject of civilized people.”

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