WATCH: President Trump holds joint news conference with Colombia’s president

President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a joint news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House on Thursday.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has welcomed the president of Colombia to the White House for their first official meeting.

President Juan Manuel Santos is seeking Trump’s support for a peace accord Colombia signed last year with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. The rebel group agreed to turn over 30 percent of its arsenal of assault rifles, machine guns and explosives.

During Thursday’s meeting, Trump will likely seek Colombia’s help pressuring Nicolas Maduro, president of neighboring Venezuela, which is being roiled by almost daily protests that have shaken Maduro’s grip on power.

The Trump administration has warned it might impose more sanctions on Venezuelan officials.

Trump may also seek Colombia’s help stemming the flow of drugs into the U.S. from Latin America.

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