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What Does Syria’s Civil War Mean for Lebanon?

Video footage by Charlie Voth, Reuters, and NewsHour archive. Edited by Noreen Nasir

As Syria’s conflict rages on with no signs of slowing down, the country’s neighbors are dealing with the pressures of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees streaming across its borders.

This influx of displaced Syrians adds stress to an already unstable Lebanon, heightening sectarian violence in the country, said Aram Nerguizian of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

NewsHour spoke to Nerguizian about Lebanon’s spotty history of dealing with refugees, and how the spillover of Syria’s conflict is aggravating tensions across political and religious lines in Lebanon.

On Wednesday, PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Ray Suarez explores the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and how the international community is addressing the problem.

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