An Afghan girl stands near her house that was damaged by an earthquake in Kalizei village in the Gayan district of Paktika...

World Food Program urges nations not to forget Afghanistan as the nation recovers from quake

The World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday urged nations “not to forget Afghanistan” after the country was devastated by a deadly earthquake last week.

Villagers in the remote southeast region of country that was hit by the 6 magnitude quake see destruction everywhere, with thousands of homes destroyed and at least 1,150 killed, according to authorities.

Those who were barely scraping by have lost everything.

Many have yet to be visited by aid groups, which are struggling to reach the afflicted area on rutted roads.

There are fears that help will come too late to the impoverished provinces of Paktika and Khost that straddle the country’s border with Pakistan.

The WFP has sent 18 trucks filled with high energy biscuits to feed people in the country’s remote areas devastated by the June 22 earthquake.

Even as badly needed food, medicine and other international aid has trickled into the provinces on precarious dirt roads, despair is growing among newly homeless survivors.

The disaster — the latest to convulse Afghanistan after decades of war, hunger, poverty and an economic crash — has become a test of the Taliban’s capacity to govern and the international community’s willingness to help.