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One of Sant Ram's children
One of Sant Ram's children

Letter from President Kennedy
Letter from President Kennedy
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He joined the farming partnership of Bally Ram and Hako Singh in the early 1920's and lived in Calipatria. In 1924, Sant Ram married Ricarda Martinez of Michoacan, Mexico, whose husband had been killed in the Mexican Revolution. Although Sant Ram did not eat beef, he didn't impose that restriction on his wife or, later, his children. She baptized their sons, naming them Ramon, Manuel, and Jwala. During those years, unknown to Raymond (Ramon), his father had bought some land in his name. Imagine his surprise when later in life he began to get billed for overdue property taxes!

Ricarda passed away in 1931. Sant Ram remarried and survived his second wife as well. From 1932-1934 Sant Ram worked on the construction of the Imperial Dam on the Colorado River. The following year, he moved his family to Fresno, where he ran a cafe until his sons started their own businesses. He then retired, and went to India for a visit in 1960. When he saw his sister there was surprise on both sides — each had believed the other was dead. He died in Fresno in August 1978.

Sant Ram and sons
Sant Ram and sons
Raymond and family
Raymond and family

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