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Time to Choose: A PBS/NPR Voter's Guide
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Issues Guide: Analysis and comparison of the candidates positions on the key policy questions of the campaign, links to the best from NPR, the NEWSHOUR, and the Democracy Project
Taxes & the Surplus
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Tax Policy
With the first budget surplus in thirty years on their hands, lawmakers now have the unique opportunity to disagree on how best to spend it. For thirty years, the budget deficit, which Ross Perot called "the crazy aunt we keep in the basement," loomed over both good economic times and bad...
Social Security & Medicare
Keeping social security solvent is proving to be one of the most urgent and contentious issues in campaign 2000. It is estimated that the system which has provided millions of older Americans "security against the hazards and vicissitudes of life", to quote its founder Franklin Roosevelt, will be exhausted by 2037...
Education, Health Care
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Poor academic standards, crowded classrooms, lack of discipline and low morale in the nation's public schools have pushed education to the top of the nation's priority list. Public schools enrolled a record 53 million children this year, but parents are increasingly opting out...
Health Care
The United States spends more on health care than any other nation, but the large number of uninsured has meant the country rates poorly in terms of access to quality health care. An estimated 44.3 million Americans - one in six - have no health insurance. This includes eleven million children...
Government & the Individual
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Social Policy
Abortion has not dominated the debate this year as it has in some past campaigns, though the approval of the abortion pill RU 486 in September 2000 has brought the issue briefly back into the limelight. Few Americans have strictly pro-choice or pro-life views, and most of the debate this year has centered on what restrictions if any are appropriate on the original 1973 Roe V Wade rights...
Families & Children
Families and children are permanent campaign subjects in American politics, and the emergence of the two-income family has fundamentally influenced this year's debate. Al Gore in fact uses a special term for them-"working families." ...
America & the World
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National defense has always been a high election year priority. Surveys show that the public would prefer the administration focus on problems at home rather than be a "global policeman". However, they believe the country must maintain its military edge and remain engaged with other nations. ...
Foreign Policy
Except in times of war or an overseas crisis, Americans vote on domestic rather than foreign policy issues. But a sudden flare-up of violence in the Middle East and a terrorist attack on a US. warship near Yemen towards the end of the campaign season has put foreign policy back in the limelight, though it is unclear whether these concerns will actually influence the way Americans vote. ...

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