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They are the most iconic animals on Planet Earth—gigantic whales and acrobatic birds, ferocious crocodiles and magnificent elephants. To see them is to marvel—and to ask a surprisingly challenging question: Where did these amazing creatures come from? When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time takes us on a global adventure to find the answer. Starting today, with animals we can see and admire, we travel millions of years into the past to unravel their ancient stories. Each of these iconic creatures has an extraordinary lineage—a story full of twists and turns, punctuated by dramatic events in Earth’s history. We join top scientists as they follow clues from the fossil record and use 21st-century technology to make exciting new discoveries. Along the way, we meet an extraordinary cast of ancient characters, from four-tusked elephants to crocs that would dwarf any reptile alive today to a whale ancestor that walked on four legs.

Premiered June 19th 9/8c

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