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Gangs of Iraq

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This film is a production of RAINmediaOff-site link in association with FRONTLINE.

Martin Smith

Martin Smith

Martin Smith
Correspondent and Writer

Martin Smith is a leading documentary producer with over 30 years experience in television. He has won every major television award, including two Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Gold Batons. Smith has been producing for PBS FRONTLINE since the flagship public-affairs series first aired back in 1983. Since then, Smith has produced scores of documentaries for FRONTLINE and has supervised the production of many more. In 1989 Smith produced a special PBS four-part series, INSIDE GORBACHEV’S USSR, with former New York Times reporter Hedrick Smith, for which he won his first duPont-Columbia Gold Baton.

In 1998 he created RAIN Media, an independent production company specializing in current affairs programs. Since that time Smith has produced more than a dozen hours of programming for FRONTLINE, including HUNTING BIN LADEN — first broadcast in 1999, then updated and rebroadcast immediately after September 11. His other recent FRONTLINE reports include: DRUG WARS, which won every major television award, including an Emmy for Outstanding Analysis of a Single Current Story, the George Foster Peabody Award, Chicago International Film Festival Gold Plaque and a Writer's Guild Award; LOOKING FOR ANSWERS, a documentary about the United States’ failure to understand fully the hatred for America among Muslim fundamentalists; and SAUDI TIME BOMB?, a film about the growing tensions between America and its Saudi ally. In 2003, Smith's series of films on terrorism won him his second duPont-Columbia Gold Baton, considered the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer prize.

Most recently Smith produced THE STORM, which won an Emmy for its look at Hurricane Katrina and the state of America's emergency response system, and RETURN OF THE TALIBAN, an investigation of the wild tribal areas in Pakistan, which have become a potential new front in the war on terror.

This is Smith’s fourth film about Iraq since the invasion in 2003. Previously, he produced TRUTH, WAR AND CONSEQUENCES (2003), BEYOND BAGHDAD (2004), and PRIVATE WARRIORS (2005). TRUTH, WAR AND CONSEQUENCES won a 2003 Writers Guild Award and the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton.  

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Marcela Gaviria

Marcela Gaviria

Marcela Gaviria
Producer and Writer

Marcela Gaviria is an award-winning filmmaker with RAINmedia in New York City, where she produces films with the acclaimed FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith. In the last five years they have produced eleven films for the PBS series and earned nearly every major award in broadcast journalism, including the prestigious 2002 duPont-Columbia Gold Baton for their post-9/11 films LOOKING FOR ANSWERS,  and SAUDI TIME BOMB? ; the 2005 duPont-Columbia Silver Baton for TRUTH, WAR AND CONSEQUENCES,  an examination of events leading up to the war in Iraq; and an Emmy and a George Foster Peabody Award for the four-hour series DRUG WARS.

Ms. Gaviria's work has taken her to every hotspot in the Middle East and every major country in Latin America. Before joining FRONTLINE, she field-produced documentaries from Latin America for PBS and the BBC, including two hours of the award-winning series COMMANDING HEIGHTS. Ms. Gaviria was born in Bogota, Colombia , and obtained her BA from Brown University and her MA from Columbia University .

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David Fanning

David Fanning

David Fanning
Executive Producer

Fanning has been executive producer of FRONTLINE since its first season in 1983. In 2006, after 23 seasons and more than 475 films, FRONTLINE remains America's only regularly scheduled investigative documentary series on television. The series has won all of the major awards for broadcast journalism, including thirty-two Emmys, twenty-two duPont-Columbia University Awards, twelve Peabody Awards, and nine Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards. In 1990 and in 1996, FRONTLINE was recognized with the Gold baton, duPont-Columbia's highest award, for its "total contribution to the world of exceptional television." In 2002, the series was honored with an unprecedented third Gold Baton for its post September 11th coverage, a series of seven hour-long documentaries on the origins and impact of terrorism. And in 2003, A DANGEROUS BUSINESS,  a FRONTLINE/New York Times joint-investigation of the cast-iron pipe making industry was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service.

David Fanning began his filmmaking career as a young journalist in South Africa. His first films, AMABANDLA AMAAFRIKA (1970) and THE CHURCH AND APARTHEID (1972), produced for BBC-TV, dealt with race and religion in his troubled homeland. He came to the U.S. in 1973 and began producing and directing local and national documentaries for KOCE, a public television station in California. His film DEEP SOUTH, DEEP NORTH (1973) was a PBS/BBC co-production and the first in a long succession of collaborations between U.S. and European television. In 1977, David Fanning came to WGBH Boston to start the international documentary series WORLD. As executive producer, he produced and presented over fifty films for PBS in five years. With director Antony Thomas, Mr. Fanning produced and co-wrote DEATH OF A PRINCESS (1980). Then in 1982, again with Thomas, he produced FRANK TERPIL: CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN, which won the Emmy Award for best investigative documentary.

In 2004, David Fanning received the Columbia Journalism Award, the highest honor awarded by the faculty of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, recognizing "Singular journalistic performance in the public interest... David Fanning and his signature program, FRONTLINE, have turned a commitment to probing journalism and public service into an enduring national conversation, without which far too many important issues would remain veiled or hidden altogether."

David Fanning and his wife, the television writer and producer Renata Simone, live in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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Sherry Jones
Senior Producer

Sherry Jones is an award-winning producer with dozens of television documentaries to her credit.  She is based in Washington, D.C. and heads Washington Media Associates, an independent production company.

Jones’ films have won eight Emmy Awards – including three for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, three duPont-Columbia Awards for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism, three George Foster Peabody Awards for significant and meritorious achievement in broadcasting, two Robert F. Kennedy awards for outstanding coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged, three Edward R. Murrow awards from the Overseas Press Club of America, and two consecutive Silver Baton awards from the American Bar Association.
She has produced 25 films for the PBS documentary series, FRONTLINE, as well as many other programs for PBS including numerous special investigations with Bill Moyers, and the Emmy-winning WATERGATE PLUS 30: SHADOW OF HISTORY;  six documentaries based in the former Soviet Union - including the award-winning FRONTLINE special, RETURN OF THE CZAR,  the culmination of her ten years’ reporting in Russia; and three specials for ABC News including PETER JENNINGS REPORTING: THE MISSILES OF OCTOBER,  the story of the Cuban missile crisis from the points of view of all three countries involved; HIROSHIMA:  WHY THE BOMB WAS DROPPED,  broadcast on the 50th anniversary of Hiroshima; and in June 2004, PETER JENNINGS REPORTING: GUANTANAMOIn September, 2004, Jones produced 9/11: FOR THE RECORD, a NOW WITH BILL MOYERS special. 

Jones’ recent productions include DEAD WRONG: INSIDE AN INTELLIGENCE MELTDOWN, an examination of pre-Iraqi War intelligence that was initially broadcast in August, 2005, as a special edition of CNN PRESENTS, and  MOYERS ON AMERICA: CAPITOL CRIMES,  a 90-minute expose of the Jack Abramoff/Tom DeLay scandals, which was broadcast in October 2006, on PBS.

In addition to her work with Moyers and Jennings, Jones has also attracted several distinguished print journalists to collaborate on Washington Media productions - including award-winning journalist William Greider and Pulitzer Prize-winning writers Roger Wilkins and Garry Wills.

Jones is a Fellow of the National Security Archive in Washington, and has been honored as a "Woman of Vision" by Women in Film and Video.  She holds a Masters degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, and is a member of the Medill School of Journalism's Hall of Achievement.

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