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Mike Leahy's Diary

Day 26: Rest Day

Breaking Rocks
Although it is a rest day/prep day I have a meeting with Steve in the morning to sort out sourcing some bits and pieces. Then in the afternoon I am offered the opportunity to walk up Okarito trig point. I love Okarito, and there are meant to be wicked views of the West Coast and Southern Alps from the trig point. The climb is pretty aerobic even though I'm only carrying part of the camera tripod.

View of mountainsBy the time I get to the top I'm sweating and my chest is burning. I'm amazed at the view. It blows me away. We film some GVs (general views). Clouds obscure Mt. Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain at something like three thousand seven hundred metres, but they eventually clear, giving us enough time to film the mountain before returning to the beach. Okarito village is tiny now but back in the nineteenth century it was a boomtown. I find it very evocative. In stark contrast to the tranquillity at the sawmill, the sea is rough - very rough - a legacy from winds out in the Tasman Sea. Breakers smash down way out to sea and along the beach as far as the eye can see. The horizon is misty from all the spray but we wait to film the sunset. It is worth the wait.

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Photo: Mike Leahy
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