A Tale of Two Schools Bearden Elementary Walton Elementary
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The Documentary
Narrator Morgan Freeman
Producer Q and A
Show Credits
Partners and Advisors
Show Credits

Written and Produced by

  • Noel Gunther
  • Christian Lindstrom

Directed by

  • Christian Lindstrom

Associate Producer

  • Keisha Dyson

Director of Photography

  • Keith Walker


  • Fran Ely

Additional Camera

  • Sandy Abernathy
  • Aaron Britton
  • Dan Bailey
  • Jim Raines
  • Kyle Spradley


  • Morgan Billingsley
  • Alan Chow
  • Richard Pooler
  • Brandt Sleeper
  • Mike Thompson
  • Tom Zimmerman

Animation and Graphics

  • Dan Wolf/Tangerine Studios


  • Lenny Williams

Sound Engineer

  • Brian Cunneff

DaVinci Colorist

  • Greg Conners

Still Photography

  • Maude Schuyler Clay

Research Director

  • Latrice Seals

Production Assistant

  • David Meissner


  • Laurie Fry
  • DeLinda Mrowka

Project Advisors

  • Dr. Lynn Fuchs
  • Dr. Edward J. Kame'enui
  • Dr. Louisa Moats
  • Dr. Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar
  • Dr. Louise Spear-Swerling
  • Dr. Lee Swanson
  • Dr. Joanna Williams

Special Thanks

  • Bass Hall
  • Charleston Country Club
  • The Chosen Vessel
  • Dallas Zoo
  • Ginger Group Productions
  • Landis & Company
  • Miss Vera’s
  • Fort Worth Ramada Plaza
  • Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility
  • Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Timbo’s
  • Mary Lee Enfield
  • Charles George
  • Glenda Hardy
  • Rod Hawkins
  • Tammy Hawkins
  • Laverne Hill-Leigh
  • Lillian Hollins
  • B.B. King
  • Barbara Manning
  • Eddie McCord
  • Hosie Sanders
  • Harvey Smith
  • Richard L. Thompson
  • Carolyn Webb
  • Lela Westbrook
  • Lois Barnes
  • Valerie Cail
  • Portia Gregory
  • Misty Hollis
  • Reda Jackson
  • Daniel Licea
  • Vera Miller
  • Arthurlyn Morgan
  • Ruth Scott
  • Corda Scott
  • Marsha Sonnenberg
  • Thomas S. Tocco
  • Rachaelle White
  • Sharon Wilkinson

This program was produced by WETA, which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2003, Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association, Inc.

Special thanks to the students, staff, and parents of R.H. Bearden Elementary and Maudrie M. Walton Elementary for the gracious gift of allowing us to spend a year with them.

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Photo Credit for Bearden Elementary: Maude Schuyler Clay
Photo Credit for Walton Elementary: Chris Hamilton

Produced by WETA Reading Rockets