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Vietnam War

More than forty years after its conclusion, the Vietnam War is a persistent wound on the American psyche. It is a war that divided families and communities, and sparked massive protests on college campuses across the country. Meanwhile, millions of American military men and women served honorably on the ground in a war that spanned a decade.

American Experience has explored the war from many angles — from the battlefields of Vietnam, to the decision making in Washington, to the protests on college campuses. Explore the in-depth and award-winning documentary films, and related content in this collection.  


  • My Lai poster image My Lai

    My Lai

    What drove a company of American soldiers to commit the worst atrocity in American military history?

  • Two Days in October poster image Two Days in October

    Two Days in October

    In fall of 1967 in a jungle in Vietnam, a Viet Cong ambush nearly wiped out an American battalion. On a campus in Wisconsin, a student protest against the war spiraled out of control.

  • Last Days in Vietnam poster image Last Days in Vietnam

    Last Days in Vietnam

    April, 1975. During the chaotic final days of the American involvement in the Vietnam War, those in control faced an impossible decision—who would go and who would be left behind to face brutality, imprisonment, or even death.