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The Boys of '36 | Article

Who Were The Boys of '36?

In 1936, nine young rowers from the University of Washington unexpectedly won a gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. See the team roster, as listed by boat position. 

Credit: Corbis

From left:

Robert "Bobby" Moch, coxswain
Born June 20, 1914, Montesano, Washington

Don Hume, #8 seat, "stroke oar"
Born July 25, 1915, Olympia, Washington

Joe Rantz, #7 seat
Born March 31, 1914, Spokane, Washington

George "Shorty" Hunt, #6 seat, "the engine room"
Born August 1, 1916, Puyallup, Washington

James "Stub" McMillin, #5 seat, "the engine room"
Born March 8, 1914, Seattle, Washington

Johnny White, #4 seat, "the engine room"
Born May 16, 1916, Seattle, Washington

Gordy Adam, #3 seat, "the engine room"
Born May 26, 1915, Seattle, Washington

Chuck Day, #2 seat
Born October 19, 1914, Colville, Washington

Roger Morris, #1 seat, "the bowman"
Born July 16, 1915, Seattle, Washington

Not pictured:
Al Ulbrickson, University of Washington head rowing coach
George Pocock, U.S. Olympic Rowing Team boatman in 1936 

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