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The Battle Over Citizen Kane | Article

Welles Filmography

Orson Welles at age 21, 1937, PD

George Orson Welle's was American actor, director, writer and a producer. He is hailed as one of the greatest film directors of all time. Here's a list of Orson Welle's filmography. 

1941: Citizen Kane
1942: The Magnificent Ambersons
1943: Journey Into Fear (co-directed with Norman Foster) It's All True (uncompleted)
1946: The Stranger
1948: The Lady from Shanghai, Macbeth 1952: Othello
1955: Confidential Report/Mr. Arkadin
1958: Touch of Evil, The Fountain of Youth (television)
1959: Don Quixote (uncompleted)
1963: The Trial/Le Proces
1966: Chimes at Midnight/Campanades a Medianoche
1968: The Immortal Story/Histoire Immortelle
1973: Verities et Mensonges/F for Fake (director only)
1977: Filming Othello (director only)

As Actor Only
1944: Jane Eyre, Follow the Boys
1945: Tomorrow is Forever
1949: The Third Man, Prince of Foxes, Black Magic
1950: The Black Rose
1956: Moby Dick
1958: The Long Hot Summer
1959: Compulsion
1962: RoGoPaG
1966: Is Paris Burning?
1967: A Man for All Seasons
1969: House of Cards
1970: The Kremlin Letter, Catch-22
1971: La Decade Prodigieuse, A Safe Place
1975: The Other Side of the Mountain
1976: Voyage of the Damned
1977: It Happened One Christmas
1978: Crossed Swords
1979: The Muppet Movie
1981: Butterfly
1987: Someone to Love

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