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Malcolm X: Make it Plain | Article

Interview Excperts of Philbert Little


In these interview excerpts, family and friends remember Malcolm X. Philbert Little (also Philbert X and Abdul Aziz Omar) was Malcolm's older brother and a member of the Nation of Islam.

Head of the Class
Malcolm did super. When Malcolm went to Mason and he was brought in to this white home and the school he went to, there was another black family there and that was all. And Malcolm became like the puppy. They just loved him. He got to the head of his class. He was outstanding, in fact. And he showed a lot of ambition to go... and he liked that because there was a time for special attention to Malcolm because he was black and they gave it to him. And he started washing dishes in the kitchen and after awhile he became class president. And then he got so he would bring those white boys to Lansing — they had their fathers' car — he could come to Lansing and go around and show off and then he would go back to Mason. In the interim, my sister Ella visited us and she went to Mason to meet Malcolm and when they sat and talked and she met him, she made an agreement with Malcolm that he could come to Boston at the end of the semester and he looked forward to that, you see.


A Braggadocio
He didn't have the temerity, I suppose you'd call it, to be bad. Malcolm was good. Everybody who knows Malcolm would tell you, he was a good man. And this is even before he came into Islam. He was a good man. He was not vulgar. He did not use vulgarity. And he was not disrespectful of your rights, this kind of a thing. He would brag; he was a braggadocio. He would brag about what he had done, and this and that, but he hadn't been that bad. He was just knew how to tell it so that it sounded as though he had been a bad guy. "He was a gang leader," but he was no gang leader, he didn't have no gang. So he went on back to Boston.

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