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Does age matter?

From the Collections: The Presidents | Leadership in times of crisis

Media Gaffes

President Bush shone when he met voters in person, but that was not the case in television appearances. “He went into politics as a middle-aged person,” said chief speechwriter Michael Gerson. “He didn't have a set of acting skills that a lot of other politicians had developed over time.

From the film: George W. Bush

Grandpa Bush

In 1992, President H.W. Bush seemed increasingly out of touch. His critics panned actions such as spending $28 on presents for his grandchildren and not understanding the technology of a grocery store checkout counter.

From the film: George H.W. Bush

Reagan's Age

As the 1984 election approached, many voters voiced their concerned with Reagan's age. At 73, he was already the oldest President in history.

From the film: Reagan

The Kennedy Style

The Nixon-Kennedy debates would forever change the way Americans chose their Presidents. 

From the film: Nixon

A Young Leader

In 1954, the Democrats gained control of the Senate, making Lyndon Johnson the youngest Majority Leader ever at 46 years old. 

From the film: LBJ

A Careful Choice for Vice President

The focus was on the Vice Presidency during the 1944 Democratic National Convention. "It was in the minds of many delegates that whoever was nominated for Vice President could very well become President within the next four years," said Senator Harry Byrd.

From the film: Truman

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