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Ripley: Believe It or Not | Image Gallery

Ripley's Outrageous Oddities

By the 1930s, Robert Ripley was well-known for his cartoons of the bizarre and unbelievable people, places and things that he had seen on his travels around the globe. Constantly trying new outlets for his peculiar fare, Ripley brought a selection of real-life oddities to his "Odditorium," which opened at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair; rumor held that many audience members fainted when they faced Ripley's strange characters in the flesh. Despite this, the Odditorium was a huge success and was held over into the following year. In 1939, Ripley opened his first permanent Odditorium in Manhattan. Take a look at some of Ripley's most shocking and famous "curioddities" over the years.

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