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Scottsboro: An American Tragedy | Article

A Fateful Journey

Events surrounding the fatal journey of the Scottsboro boys


1. Chattanooga, TN - March 24, 1931
A train headed west toward Alabama departs Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 24, 1931.

2. Train outside Stevenson, AL - March 25, 1931
Price, Bates, Carter and a new friend, Orville Gilley, rode the train back to Huntsville. A fight between blacks and whites breaks out on the train and Carter jumps off. Gilley starts to jump, but train is moving quickly now, and he is pulled back on the train by the blacks.

3. Paint Rock , AL - March 25, 1931
Some of the white boys round up a posse that stops the train at Paint Rock. The black boys are accused of assault, and then rape. From Paint Rock the accused are taken to the Scottsboro jail.

4. Scottsboro, AL - March 30, 1931
A grand jury indicts the 9 teenaged defendants.

5. Decatur, AL - March 1933
Second trial of Haywood Patterson. Subsequent trials of Patterson, Norris, Powell, Weems, and Andy Wright are held here.

Locations of the Scottsboro boys, and Victoria Price and Ruby Bates:

B1. Chattanooga, TN - March 24, 1931
Patterson, with his friends and Chattanooga natives Williams, and the Wright brothers leave their home looking for work.

B2. Somewhere in Georgia? - March 25, 1931
Roberson boards train seeking medical care in Memphis.

B3. March 25, 1931
Norris had been hoboing for months when he boarded the train.

B4. Riverdale, GA - March 25, 1931
Weems was returning home to Tennessee when he boarded the train.

B5. Georgia? - March 25, 1931
Montgomery boarded the train in search of new glasses.

B6. March 25, 1931
Powell had been hoboing for a while when he decided to head toward Memphis.

G1. Huntsville, AL - March 23, 1931
Price and Bates spend the night with Lester Carter and Jack Tiller. Carter: "We talked and started planning this hobo trip."

G2. Chattanooga, TN - March 24, 1931
Price, Bates and Carter travel to Chattanooga looking for work. Carter: "We started walking around looking for some place to sleep, for we were all broke, no money."

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