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The Vote | Interactive

She Resisted: Strategies of Suffrage

From the Collection: Women in American History

Celebrate the strategies and tactics of the movement in a new interactive experience.


Celebrate the strategies and tactics of suffrage with a new interactive experience. She Resisted explores the final decade of the women’s suffrage movement through its most powerful images, brought to life with color for the first time. Live through the epic 1913 Washington, D.C. procession, in which thousands of women took to the streets to demand their right to the franchise; thrill at Ida B. Wells’s successful voter registration drive; and admire suffragists’ commitment to nonviolent resistance, which included hunger strikes and withstanding brutal force feedings. 


Working with renowned photographic colorist Marina Amaral to meticulously restore color to century-old archival stills, and video enhancement experts neural.love to upscale and colorize archival footage using neural networks, American Experience brings you an intimate look at the women who forever transformed the politics of social and political change in America.

The vote is the emblem of your equality, women of America, the guarantee of your liberty… Women have suffered agony of soul which you can never comprehend, that you and your daughters might inherit political freedom. That vote has been costly. Prize it! The vote is a power, a weapon of offense and defense, a prayer. Understand what it means and what it can do for your country. Use it intelligently, conscientiously, prayerfully… Progress is calling to you to make no pause. Act!"
— Carrie Chapman Catt
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