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  • Film

    Hoover Dam

    During the Great Depression, Americans built the Hoover Dam, overcoming technical challenges to erect one of the greatest engineering works in history.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    The Controversial Naming of the Dam

    When the dam was officially dedicated on September 30, 1935, the colossal project on the Southern Nevada portion of the Colorado river had been called by several different names.

  • Hoover Dam | Timeline

    Building the Hoover Dam

    Major John Wesley Powell conducted geological studies that greatly expanded understanding of the topography of the region.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    President Herbert Hoover

    After considering the concerns of all interested parties for the fair distribution of water for the seven states, Secretary Hoover drafted the Colorado River Compact. 

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Chief engineer: Frank Crowe

    Frank Crowe had a motto: Never my belly to a desk. 

  • Golden Gate Bridge | Article

    1930s Engineering

    An interview with Prof. Andrew J. Dunar, who teaches history at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. 

  • Hoover Dam | Image Gallery

    The Men Who Built the Dam

    Hoover Dam was called one of the greatest engineering works in history. 5,000 working men and their families came to live in the Nevada desert. These are men whi built the dam.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Gordon Kaufman

    In envisioning the architectural presentation of the dam, its designers wanted to make an impression of technological supremacy. To accomplish this task they turned to Gordon Kaufmann.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Workers' Strike at Hoover Dam

    The temperature at the work site would routinely soar to above 120 degrees during the summer and plummet to well below freezing in the winter. 

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Harold Ickes

    A self-described “old curmudgeon,” Harold Ickes next turned his sights on Six Companies’ management practices at the dam.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Hiring African Americans

    The start of construction on Hoover in 1930 held the promise of employment for thousands of workers in the Las Vegas area.

  • Las Vegas: An Unconventional History | Primary Source

    Hoover for Boulder

    A September 29, 1930 article in Time recounts the excitement that surrounded the project known as the Boulder Dam.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    The Men of Six Companies

    The coming together of what became Six Companies is a story of the melding of ambitions of maverick individuals, each driven by a desire to transform the emerging West.

  • Hoover Dam | Trailer

    Hoover Dam: Trailer

    During the Great Depression, Americans built the Hoover Dam, overcoming technical challenges to erect one of the greatest engineering works in history.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Building Boulder City

    Boulder City was essentially a government reservation, constructed under the jurisdiction of the Reclamation Service. 

  • Hoover Dam | Clip

    The High Scalers of Hoover Dam

    During the dam's construction, the job of the high scaler was by far the most dangerous.

  • Hoover Dam | Article

    Walker "Brig" Young

    Leading the team of surveyors within the Reclamation Bureau was a small, bespectacled man named Walker “Brig” Young.

  • Hoover Dam | Clip

    Building Diversion Tunnels

    The most dangerous phase of Hoover Dam's construction was building the diversion tunnels.

  • Film

    Grand Coulee Dam

    At once the story of an astonishing engineering achievement, and a cautionary tale about arrogance, our relationship to the natural world, and the price of progress.

  • Las Vegas: An Unconventional History | Article

    Federal Projects and Las Vegas

    Federal funding remained central to the economy of Las Vegas even as tens of thousands of tourists visited the city each year.