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CeaseFire: Stopping Violence and Measuring Impact
"I’m most proud of when I see kids sitting on their porch on the streets, not worried about nobody," says Tio Hardiman, the director of CeaseFire Illinois. "It just feels good when you see the kids running up to the ice cream truck, when you see a community coming back to normal."
February 14, 2012
Derrion Albert: The Death that Riled the Nation
On Sept. 24, 2009, Derrion Albert, a 16-year-old honors student, was walking home from school when he found himself amidst a violent confrontation between two rival groups from his school.
February 14, 2012
"I Need Them and They Need Me"
Knowing the community helps a great deal when she tries to mediate a dispute, explains "violence interrupter" Ameena Matthews.
February 14, 2012
"I See Everything Through This Tragedy"
At 10:45 on the night of March 13, 2009, Rodney Orange waited for his 14-year-old grandson, Gregory Robinson, to arrive home.
February 12, 2012
"The Interrupters" Featured on "Fresh Air"
"Chicago has always been notoriously known for street organization, crimes and murders and all that, but what's so profound for me is to see that, as I'm growing up, that death is inevitable and we're not afraid of it."
February 10, 2012
"The Interrupters" Ameena Matthews on The Colbert Report
Last night "violence interrupter" Ameena Matthews was on The Colbert Report to talk about the film, The Interrupters, which airs on FRONTLINE Feb. 14.
February 2, 2012
"It's Either Kill or Be Killed..."
Last night, filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams) and "violence interrupter" Ameena Matthews were on Greater Boston, discussing their new documentary, "The Interrupters," which will air on FRONTLINE on Feb. 14 at 9 pm.
January 26, 2012
Press Release
On Feb. 14, FRONTLINE presents the television premiere of the award-winning documentary The Interrupters, the moving story of three dedicated "violence interrupters"—Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra—who, with bravado, humility and even humor, work to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they themselves once employed.
January 11, 2012
Slate: "The Interrupters" Is "The Most Necessary Film of The Year"
During one weekend in 2008, 37 people were shot in Chicago, seven of them fatally. It was the year Chicago became a posterchild city of America’s gang problem.
August 22, 2011
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