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Over the last year, FRONTLINE has undertaken an initiative to increase the transparency and credibility of our journalism -- the Transparency Project. Our goal was to crack open our reporting process and the source material for our documentaries, making it accessible and useful to the public. We wanted to give audiences an unprecedented view under the hood, allowing them to see our work and judge for themselves.

Our pilot project in this initiative was an interactive script for the film "Trump's Road to the White House," which was annotated to allow deeper exploration of the interviews, documents, photographs and other sources behind our reporting.

In October 2017, we published "The Putin Files," a collection of 56 in-depth, on-camera interviews conducted with former U.S. intelligence officials, diplomats, Russian and American political insiders, historians and journalists for the documentary "Putin's Revenge." Interactive features built into the project allowed readers and viewers to explore and share portions of the interviews.

This interview collection, along with "Trump's Takeover: The Interactive Film," is the latest in our ongoing transparency initiative. The interactive documentary allows viewers to watch the film and see select quotes in the context of their original interviews.