James Jacoby

Director, Producer, Correspondent

James Jacoby is a producer and correspondent for FRONTLINE, where he's a founding member of the Enterprise Journalism Group. His most recent film for FRONTLINE, “Amazon Empire” — a two hour film — investigated how Jeff Bezos transformed Amazon from an online bookseller into a business empire that is unprecedented in its size and reach. His previous film, “The Facebook Dilemma," was a two-hour investigation that traced how the social media giant departed from its idealistic origins to become an international platform for political disinformation and division.

Before joining FRONTLINE, Jacoby worked for the CBS News program, 60 Minutes, where he produced investigative stories with correspondent Steve Kroft. His investigations revealed wrongdoing by, among others, major banks, credit reporting agencies, disability lawyers and arson investigators. In addition to his investigative pieces at 60 Minutes, Jacoby gave viewers a rare look inside Iran as the prospect of a nuclear deal loomed on the horizon.

Prior to joining 60 Minutes, Jacoby was a producer for CNBC, the business news network, where he produced several documentaries including "House of Cards," which has been lauded as one of the most comprehensive examinations of the global financial crisis. Jacoby has also worked for Dan Rather Reports and Current TV reporting on a range of topics from youth politics in Pakistan to the European debt crisis to the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Jacoby has received several honors for his work, including a duPont award, a Peabody award, and two Gerald Loeb awards, the top prize in business reporting. He is fluent in French, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and lives in New York City.

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