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Photograph of hands held together, holding a ping-pong ball, with a pencil trapped between the two arms You're trying to make something that looks like this. First place the palms of your hands together. Now bring your elbows together and curl in your fingers to create two fists. Have a friend place a golf ball or table tennis ball in between your fists.

Now inch down the tips of your thumbs until they meet with the tips of your index fingers. Finally, have a friend place a pencil in between your closed forearms.

Congratulations. You have a representation of the different parts of your brain. But what's what, you ask? Click on each part to find out what it does.

Same photo, repeated with callouts of 'anatomical features' of this brain model

Once you've checked out all the parts take a look at our brain injury challenge to see how much you know.

limbic system | cerebellum | spinal cord | brain stem | cerebral cortex

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