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Brain Geography (Hot Science)

You probably know where most of the stuff is in your house, right?

Favorite breakfast cereal ... next to the fridge.

School books ... on the table in your room.

TV remote ... in the couch somewhere.

Ugly shirt that only your mom likes ... way, way in the back of your closet.

That was easy, huh? Well, sure, after all you're in your house a lot, so it makes sense that you would know where stuff was. But can you think of anything else you are with day in and day out—while you are awake and asleep, while you are inside and outside of your house—that you may not know your way around?

What about your brain? It's with you everyday. It regulates your breathing, tells your feet when to walk or run, and allows you to be happy and sad. But where exactly inside your head does all that stuff happen?

With a little help from your hands, a friend, a small ball, and a pencil, you can become your own brain geographer, and find out.

The idea for Brain Geography was originally developed by Ronald C. Savage, Ed.D., of the May Institute in Norwood, MA. Savage also served as consultant for this online activity.

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