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Updated December 2, 1997

Dear Dr. Ghajar,
We are the family of the young lady whose life you saved after she was brutally beaten into a coma in Central Park last year.

We wholeheartedly endorse your efforts to have the Guidelines adopted throughout the US and urge everyone to work with you until all states adopt them. Many lives will be saved—of the patients and of their families.
With unending gratitude,

Family of Central Park Pianist

Hi, this is "alex's" mom just wanted to congratulate everyone and say thank you, and I'm glad that it's being responded to. Take care. Bye!

Alex's mother

Dear Dr. Ghajar,
My name is Adam Arkin, and I play a neurosurgeon on the TV show CHICAGO HOPE. I recently saw the episode of NOVA which profiled your work, and was moved by your misson to change and standardize the care of head trauma patients. If there is any way I can be of use to you or your organization in promoting greater awareness of your work, I am interested in doing so.

Adam Arkin
Los Angeles, CA

I found this program absolutely fascinating. It's my understanding this is not especially hi-tech, but aggressive medicine.

My concern is I live in a moderate sized community north of Chicago. The fact that New York state is the only state that has accepted these guidelines concerns me. I don't wish my children or me to be in the hands of someone who does not embrace these.

We, as concerned citizens need to encourage the medical community to keep going forward towards solutions and openly support and ask for these changes.

Thank you again for such an informative program. How do I find which doctors in my area know of these guidelines?

Laura Fromm
Rockford, IL

I really think it was a great show. As a head injury survivor it was of great knowledge of what I did not know what happened. I really can not come up with words to explain my thoughts. My injury had happened in October of 93. I have made much progress but I still have many difficulties.

I wish there was more information for us Head Injury people. I wish there was a direction for injuries when mine had happened but because there was not I did suffer some brain damadge I had suffered. But thanks for all the great and passinot Dr.s there. Now others who have these injuries will be better off.

Please give my hopes and praise to the wonderful Dr.s.

Thank you dearly,
Micheal Resendez
Watsonville, CA

To the head trauma victims and their families: God bless you for your spirit and strength.

To WGBH/NOVA: Thanks for one of the most inspirational and moving programs I've seen all year. My sister was a head trauma victim some time ago and wasn't the beneficiary of the new guidelines. Thankfully, she fully recovered in spite of that. She and my family suffered as Alex's family suffered. I'm so glad they had access to the talent and dedication of Dr. Ghajar.

Eileen F.

Over 2 months ago, I wrote you of my 14-year-old daughter Vali's car accident where she received a brain injury. At that time she was still in a coma and you provided me information, support and hope. The hospital where she was treated in ER and PICU used the very same techniques you describe. After two months being in a coma, she woke up! She has all of her intellect, memories and knows who she is. She is now at home going to outpatient therapy an special school. She should be back in public school by spring. I am sure the updated techniques used at Geisinger Medical Center produced these stunning results....and God's blessing.

Neil Bixler
Bloomsburg, PA

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