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Secrets of Easter Island
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Easter Island
Take a virtual tour of Easter Island. This site features beautiful photography of the moais.

Kon-Tiki Web Server
Explore scholarly papers from Norway's Kon-Tiki Museum and enjoy a welcome from Thor Heyerdahl himself.

Polynesian Voyaging Society
Find out about this organization, which investigates how the Polynesian seafarers discovered and settled the islands of the Pacific. Learn about what it's like to live for a month on board a replica of an ancient voyaging canoe.

A paper on the people, government, economy, history, and more of Easter Island. This site includes many useful resources for visitors.

Rapa Nui Outrigger Club
An organization that gives young Rapa Nui people the opportunity to learn about their people's history while developing outrigger canoe paddling skills.

Unofficial Easter Island Home Page
Information on Easter Island's history, culture and tourism. Check out the great list of web links.

Zvi Shiller's Homepage
Read about Zvi Shiller's motion planning research and how it is being applied to the moai moving experiment featured in this NOVA Online Adventure. For more on this subject, check out The Plan.

Easter Island: Archaeology, Ecology, and Culture
by Jo Anne Van Tilburg and John Mack
Smithsonian Institution Press, 1995

Easter Island, Earth Island
by Paul Bahn and John Flenley
Thames and Hudson, 1992

Easter Island - Island of Enigmas
by John Dos Passos
Doubleday & Company, 1971

Easter Island: Mystery of the Stone Giants
by Catherine and Michel Orliac
Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1995

Easter Island: The Mystery Solved
by Thor Heyerdahl
Stoddard Publishing Co., 1989

The Journal of Jacob Roggeveen
edited by Andrew Sharp
Oxford University Press, 1970

Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific By Raft
by Thor Heyerdahl
Pocket Books, 1950

The Modernization of Easter Island
by J. Douglas Porteous
Western Geographical Series Vol. 19
Department of Geography, University of Victoria, 1981

The Mystery of Easter Island - The Story of an Expedition
by Mrs. Scoresby
Routledge (Katherine Routledge)
Sifton, Praed & Co., 1919

Vaka: Saga of a Polynesian Canoe
by Tom Davis and Pa Tuterangi Ariki
Institute of Pacific Studies/Polynesian Press, University of the South
Pacific/Samoa House, Rarotonga and Suva/Auckland, 1992
Vikings of the Sunrise
New Zealand edition
by Sir Peter Buck
Whitcombe and Tombs, 1954

1st ed.
by Herb Kawainui Kane
Managing Editors Robert B. Goodman and Lorie Rapkin
WhaleSong Inc., 1991

We, the Navigators: The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific
by David Lewis, edited by Sir Derek Oulton
University of Hawaii Press, 1994

Following is a list of companies that have contributed vital materials and other resources to the attempt to move and erect a moai on Easter Island.

The Boeing Company
Ted Ralston
Steve Chesser
Dave Uingling
Rick Pierce
Rob Jonietz

Golden Bear Arborists
Don Kniss

Foam Matrix
Kent Sherwood

Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, Architects
Johannes Van Tilburg
Mike Ohara

Valverde Construction Company
Joe Valverde
Dave Ane

ETS Transport Company
Rene Edmunds

T and T Moving
Tito Paoa

Pelican Rope Works
Gayl Whipple

Krazan Associates, Inc.
Dean Alexander

A&A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc.

M3 Engineering Company
J. Mehta

CMI, Inc.

McWharter Technologies

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