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Secrets of Easter Island
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Table of Contents

Move a Megalith
Past Attempts
The Plan
Team Profiles
Move the Moai Game
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Your Theories
Lessons Learned (May 11)
A New Way to Move the Moai (May 9)
Moai is Upright (May 6)
Moai Nearly Raised (May 5)
A Tourist Attraction (May 3)
The Secret of the Sledge (May 2)
Moai Ready to be Raised (May 1)
The Moai is Moved (April 30)
15-Ton Moai Removed from Mold (April 27)
Moai Platform Complete (April 26)
Moai Mold is Filled (April 24)
Moai Mold Ready for Concrete (April 23)
Statue Mold En Route (April 22)
The Team Arrives (April 20)
Arrival on Rapa Nui (April 17)

Explore the Island
Ahu Akivi
Ahu Tahai
Ahu Tongariki
Ahu Vinapu
Anakena Beach
Hanga Roa
Rano Raraku

Lost Civilization
First Inhabitants
Ancient Navigation
Stone Giants
First Contact

Read visitor's comments, questions, and responses from the team:
  Posted April 26
  Posted April 29
  Posted May 5
  Posted May 19
Read Visitor's Theories
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