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Set 3, posted March 12, 1999
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I just discovered your wonderful 'pages' on Egypt. I have just returned from Egypt and plan 'to take' my class to Egypt tomorrow. I can't wait to have them experience going into the pyramids just as I did a few weeks ago. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

(name witheld by request)

I recently did a report on the Egyptian pyramids. My friend and I built a pyramid structure. We got really fascinated about the Nile and Cleopatra. About how to move the big stone—you could do it like they did and use wooden logs or you could do it the twentieth century way and have a crane come in and move it that way. Bye, got to go.

(name witheld by request)

I want to let you know that I admire your dedication to the work that you do. I always learn so much from your show and Web pages. Thank you for doing what you do.

Becky Stalcup
Celina, TX

Disculpen, pero mi ingles no es bueno. Es la primera vez que envio un e-mail tan lejos. La pagina esta genial. Sigan asi?

(name witheld by request)

Response from NOVA Online:

Recibimos vuestro e-mail. Muchas gracias! Apenas nuestra Web site no se produce en espanol.

This is absolutely some of the best use of web technology I have seen. These 360-degree images are great! Congratulations on some very nice work.

Larry Lockhart
Vincennes, IN

A superb site, one of the best I've seen. We visited the Nile a couple of years ago and saw many of the sites (and sights?); it was nice to see them again. I wish we had had access to multimedia material like this to brief ourselves prior to our visit.

Ian Hayward
Wiltshire, England

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