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Mysteries of the Nile
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Site Map

Explore Ancient Egypt (QTVRs)
Old Kingdom (c.2600-2195 B.C.)
    Great Sphinx of Giza
    Khufu Pyramid
        View from the Top
        Enter Here...
        Pharaoh's Boat
    Khafre Pyramid
    Giza Plateau
        Converging Pyramids
        View from the Sahara
        Giza Plateau Flyby (2.5MB)

New Kingdom (c.1550-1075 B.C.)
    Colossus of Memnon
    Karnak Temple
        Great Court
        Temple of Ramses III
        Great Hypostyle Hall (N Side)
        Great Hypostyle Hall (S Side)
        Obelisk Court
    Luxor Temple
        Pylon with Obelisk
        Head of Ramses the Great
    Tomb of Rekhmire
    Tomb of Ramose
        Main Hall
        Inner Hall

Non-QTVR versions of Explore Ancient Egypt
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Raising the Obelisk
    First Attempt
    Second Chance
    Lever an Obelisk
    An Archaeologist's Perspective (Q&A)
    How Would You Do It?
    A World of Obelisks

Meet the Team
    Abdel Aleem
    Roger Hopkins
    Mark Lehner
    Hamada Rashwan
    Owain Roberts
    Mark Whitby

    Obelisk Raised! (September 12)
    In the Groove (September 1)
    The Third Attempt (August 27)
    Angle of Repose (March 25)
    A Tale of Two Obelisks (March 24)
    Rising Toward the Sun (March 23)
    Into Position (March 22)
    On an Anthill in Aswan (March 21)
    Ready to Go (March 20)
    Gifts of the River (March 19)
    By Camel to a Lost Obelisk (March 18)
    The Unfinished Obelisk (March 16)
    Pulling Together (March 14)
    Balloon Flight Over Ancient Thebes (March 12)
    The Queen Who Would Be King (March 10)
    Rock of Ages (March 8)
    The Solar Barque (March 6)
    Coughing Up an Obelisk (March 4)

Pyramids: The Inside Story

    Questions and Comments (Set 9, April 8)
    Questions and Responses (Set 8, March 25)
    Questions and Responses (Set 7, March 20)
    Comments (Set 6, March 18)
    Questions and Responses (Set 5, March 16)
    Questions and Responses (Set 4, March 15)
    Comments (Set 3, March 12)
    Questions and Responses (Set 2, March 9)
    Questions and Responses (Set 1, March 8)

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