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January 1984 - January 1985

Case of ESP (The)
In the past decade, a number of researchers have begun systematic laboratory research into extrasensory perception—ESP. NOVA considers the claims for—and against—paranormal phenomena and looks at some startling applications in the field of archaeology, criminology and warfare.
Original broadcast date: 01/17/84
Topic: unexplained phenomena

Antarctica: Earth's Last Frontier
An astronaut once observed a great white light shining out from the bottom of our world: Antarctica, the ice-covered continent we are only just beginning to understand. NOVA visits this wilderness of ice, larger than the United States and Mexico combined, whose only warm-blooded residents are seals, skuas, penguins and scientists.
Original broadcast date: 01/31/84
Topic: environment/ecology

China's Only Child
Efforts to control the population explosion are among the burning controversies of our time. NOVA looks at the one-child policy of the People's Republic of China, a revolutionary decree with profound implications for a people accustomed to traditionally large families.
Original broadcast date: 02/14/84
Topic: anthropology/culture

Will I Walk Again?
Is there a cure for paralyzing spinal injuries? Most neurosurgeons are doubtful, pointing to the central nervous system's most apparent inability to heal itself. But others dispute the point. NOVA explores the debate, the hopes for a cure and recent breakthroughs to help paralyzed patients.
Original broadcast date: 02/28/84
Topic: medicine/health care & surgery

Visions of the Deep: The Underwater World of Al Giddings
Al Giddings is one of the greatest underwater photographers in the world. In a riveting look at the unearthly beauties and terrors of the seas, NOVA presents a portrait of Giddings at work.
Original broadcast date: 03/06/84
Topic: biography

Down on the Farm
Agriculture is America's biggest industry. This productivity, envied around the world, is also depleting the most essential ingredients in farming: water and soil. NOVA looks at the agricultural dilemma, the short term need for profit and long term needs of the land.
Original broadcast date: 03/20/84
Topic: plants/agriculture

Make My People Live: The Crisis in Indian Health Care
What are America's obligations to its native population? As an important Indian health act comes up for renewal in Congress this Spring (1984), NOVA explores the state of medical care for a proud but vulnerable minority.
Original broadcast date: 03/27/84
Topic: medicine/health care & surgery

World According to Weiskoff (The)
Victor Weisskoff: physicist, lover of music and citizen of the world. NOVA profiles the international statesman of science and learns that one of the giants of 20th century physics is also one of the country's greatest humanists.
Original broadcast date: 04/03/84
Topic: biography

Space Bridge to Moscow
At a time when scientific exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union is at its lowest since the 1950s, a special hookup will allow eight leading Soviet and American scientists to share ideas face-to-face before millions of television viewers in each country on this NOVA special.
Original broadcast date: 10/02/84
Topic: technology/engineering

National Science Test I (The)
NOVA departs from tradition with the first National Science Test. Viewers can match wits with celebrity panelists Jane Alexander, Jules Bergman, Marva Collins and Edwin Newman. Art Fleming hosts.
Original broadcast date: 10/16/84
Topic: science/methods, ethics & education

Fountains of Paradise
NOVA explores the billion-dollar-plus Mahaweli Irrigation Project in Sri Lanka. Will this high-risk project prove to be a great leap forward or an industrial and sociological disaster?
Original broadcast date: 10/20/84
Topic: environment/ecology

Mystery of Yellow Rain (The)
NOVA explores whether "yellow rain," described by members of the Hmong tribe of Laos, is a form of chemical warfare—or a naturally occurring phenomenon.
Original broadcast date: 10/30/84
Topic: environment/ecology

Nomads of the Rain Forest (The)
NOVA visits a tribe of Ecuadoran Indians who still maintain traditions that date back to the Stone Age—thirty years after their first contact with Western Civilization.
Original broadcast date: 11/06/84
Topic: anthropology/culture

Farmers of the Sea
NOVA looks at the "blue revolution"—modern advances in the ancient art of raising aquatic animals and plants—in the United States, Japan, Scotland and other countries.
Original broadcast date: 11/13/84
Topic: environment/ecology

Frontiers of Plastic Surgery
NOVA's sequel to "A Normal Face" examines the merging of technology and art in modern reconstruction and cosmetic surgical techniques.
Original broadcast date: 11/20/84
Topic: medicine/health care & surgery

Space Women
They have been part of the United States' space program for more than 20 years. Who are these talented, courageous women? NOVA looks at astronaut Sally Ride and her colleagues, how they are trained and their role in NASA's future.
Original broadcast date: 11/27/84
Topic: astronomy/space exploration

Jaws: The True Story
Acclaimed underwater cameraman Al Giddings takes NOVA viewers beneath the waves to explore the fact and fiction surrounding the Great White Shark.
Original broadcast date: 11/27/84
Topic: animal biology/behavior

Acid Rain: New Bad News
The debate over acid rain continues to grow. NOVA travels to West Germany, the mid-Atlantic states and New England to examine the controversy surrounding this phenomenon.
Original broadcast date: 12/11/84
Topic: environment/ecology

Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life
What do dinosaurs, a panda's thumb and a peacock's tail have in common? Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, the internationally renowned palentologist and evolutionary theorist, provides some surprising answers in this NOVA profile.
Original broadcast date: 12/18/84
Topic: biography

Garden of Inheritance (The)
In this docudrama presentation, NOVA looks at the life, times and work of Gregor Mendel, the 19th cenutry Augustinian friar whose revolutionary scientific experiments in selective breeding have made him the "Father of Genetics."
Original broadcast date: 01/08/85
Topic: biography


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