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January - December 1992

Hell Fighters of Kuwait
NOVA covers the fight to put out Saddam Hussein's bonfire of oil wells in Kuwait, which has created the worst manmade pollution event in history. Fire fighting teams from Houston and elsewhere are faced with a Texas-size job.
Original broadcast date: 01/14/92
Topic: environment/ecology

NOVA takes a voyage on the newest of America's doomsday machines—the ballistic missle submarine USS Michigan. The Cold War may be won, but these submerged super arsenals continue to prowl the deep.
Original broadcast date: 01/21/92
Topic: technology/weapons & warfare

Saddam's War on Wildlife
Few people give any thought to wildlife in the midst of a war. During the Gulf War, environmentalist John Walsh did his best to save animals from oil spills, bullets and other dangers.
Original broadcast date: 01/28/92
Topic: environment/ecology

What Smells?
The nose knows. How much is the subject of NOVA's investigation of the mysterious aromas and hidden messages picked up by our sense of smell. David Suzuki hosts.
Original broadcast date: 02/11/92
Topic: human biology/behavior

Can You Believe TV Ratings?
Rating the audience for TV shows is a classic problem in statistical analysis. NOVA finds that ratings are getting more accurate but still are far from scientific.
Original broadcast date: 02/18/92
Topic: social sciences/miscellaneous

Making a Dishonest Buck
Criminals still make money the old-fashioned way—by counterfeiting. NOVA looks at why US currency is so easy to fake and what the government is doing about it.
Original broadcast date: 03/03/92
Topic: technology/crime

Rescuing Baby Whales
NOVA examines the mysterious whale strandings along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay, as the puzzling behavior becomes more common.
Original broadcast date: 03/10/92
Topic: animal biology/behavior

An Astronaut's View of the Earth
NOVA goes behind the scenes to watch the filming of a big-screen Imax/Omnimax space spectacle. Astronauts operate the cameras on location aboard the Space Shuttle.
Original broadcast date: 03/17/92
Topic: astronomy/space exploration

Eclipse of the Century
The spectacular eclipse of 1991 passed over major observatories on the island of Hawaii. NOVA was there for 6 1/2 minutes of frenetic research that revealed new secrets about our sun.
Original broadcast date: 03/24/92
Topic: astronomy/space exploration

Animal Olympians II
NOVA looks at grace, speed, strength and endurance of humans and animals.
Original broadcast date: 08/25/92
Topic: animal biology/behavior

The Genius Behind the Bomb
Physicists Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard reenact the signing of the 1939 letter that alerted President Franklin Roosevelt to the feasibility of atomic weapons. Szilard drafted and Einstein signed the famous warning, which led to the building of the first atomic bomb.
Original broadcast date: 09/29/92
Topic: physics

Mind of a Serial Killer
NOVA goes behind the scenes to give the real story behind the FBI unit popularized in the Academy Award-winning film, The Silence of the Lambs. Using a detailed psychological profile, the unit helped the Rochester, New York police department catch a notorious serial killer who targeted prostitutes. Actor Patrick Stewart narrates.
Original broadcast date: 10/13/92
Topic: psychology

Search for the First Americans
NOVA follows the trail of America's first inhabitants. Did they migrate across a Bering Sea land bridge at the end of the last Ice Age, as we all learned in school? Or did they arrive thousands of years earlier, possibly by some different route, as new archaeological evidence increasingly hints?
Original broadcast date: 10/20/92
Topic: anthropology/ancient

Rafting Through the Grand Canyon
NOVA explores Earth's greatest natural wonder by rafting down the river that created it, repeating the spectacular first canyon voyage of the 19th-century explorer John Wesley Powell. The Grand Canyon tells the story of nearly 2 billion years of earth history plus the changes caused by three decades of human intervention.
Original broadcast date: 10/27/92
Topic: geology

This Old Pyramid
In a 90-minute special presentation, NOVA reveals the ancient secrets of how the pyramids were built by actually building one. A noted Egyptologist, Mark Lehner, and a professional stonemason, Roger Hopkins (This Old House), join forces in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza to put clever and sometimes bizarre pyramid construction theories to the test.
Original broadcast date: 11/04/92
Topic: technology/engineering

Five thousand years ago, a man perished in a mountain storm. In 1991, his frozen body was found along with artifacts of his vanished way of life. NOVA covers the international effort to unlock the secrets of this astonishing discovery.
Original broadcast date: 11/10/92
Topic: anthropology/ancient

Private Lives of Dolphins
NOVA delves into the deep sea drama of life among the dolphins at research stations in Florida and Australia. Like humans and chimpanzees, dolphins have evolved a sophisticated social system that provides clues about the origins and purpose of big brains and intelligence.
Original broadcast date: 11/17/92
Topic: animal biology/behavior

Brain Transplant
Two paralyzed drug addicts travel to Sweden to receive a revolutionary treatment for brain disease that is largely unavailable in the US due to the ban on fetal tissue research. "Brain Transplant" continues the remarkable story of a mysterious malady linked to a bad batch of synthetic heroin that NOVA first covered in the 1986 award-winning film, "The Case of the Frozen Addict."
Original broadcast date: 12/01/92
Topic: medicine/disease & research

Can You Stop People from Drinking?
NOVA looks at how Russia and the United States are attacking the intractable problem of alcohol abuse with old and new weapons—including prohibition, hypnotism, imprisonment, surveillance, deception, aversion therapy and group therapy as practiced by Alcoholics Anonymous.
Original broadcast date: 12/22/92
Topic: human biology/behavior

Sex and the Single Rhino
NOVA examines the high-tech efforts to preserve the world's animal diversity. Noah needed only an ark—but today's conservationists need all the tools that biology, ecology, diplomacy and politics can muster if endangered species are to survive beyond the next century.
Original broadcast date: 12/29/92
Topic: animal biology/behavior


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