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January - December 1985

Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines
NOVA explores the fascinating world of Dr. Harold Edgerton, electronics wizard and inventor extraordinaire, whose invention of the electronic strobe, a "magic lamp," has enabled the human eye to see the unseen.
Original broadcast date: 01/15/85
Topic: biography

Global Village
NOVA presents an in-depth look at India's attempt to use satellite technology to leapfrog into the era of space-age communication and whether it brings benefit or blight to India's villages and rural areas.
Original broadcast date: 01/02/85
Topic: technology/engineering

Conquest of the Parasites
NOVA examines the complex world of parasites, parasitic diseases and the exciting work currently being done by a new breed of medical researchers as they meet the challenge of conquering the world's number one medical problem.
Original broadcast date: 01/29/85
Topic: medicine/disease & research

In the Land of the Polar Bears
A rare look at the beautiful and desolate Wrangel Island-a Soviet possession 300 miles off the coast of Alaska-as seen through the eyes of Soviet Filmmaker and naturalist Yuri Ledin. Wrangel Island is not only the home to Siberian snow geese, polar foxes and walruses, but serves as the world's largest denning area for polar bears.
Original broadcast date: 02/05/85
Topic: animal biology/behavior

AIDS: Chapter One
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is a deadly disease that has struck down some 2,000 people in the four years since its discovery. NOVA examines how modern science has been unraveling the mystery of this baffling ailment.
Original broadcast date: 02/12/85
Topic: medicine/disease & research

Shape of Things (The)
Sea shells, crystals, honeycombs, eggs and seeds: They are shaped the way they are for a reason. NOVA takes viewers on a unique journey of discovery to find out why things are shaped the way they are and why they work so well.
Original broadcast date: 02/19/85
Topic: social sciences/miscellaneous

Baby Talk
It's a mystery just how children acquire language. Does the process begin in the womb? And which comes first, language or thought? NOVA explores the fascinating world of baby talk and reveals the latest theories on this remarkable achievement.
Original broadcast date: 02/26/85
Topic: human biology/behavior

Mathematical Mystery Tour (The)
Imagine a bottle with no inside or a number bigger than infinity or parallel lines that meet. Welcome to the world of pure mathematics. NOVA offers a look into a wholly abstract, quirky world of mathematics.
Original broadcast date: 03/05/85
Topic: mathematics

Child's Play: Prodigies and Possibilities
What do Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the painter Raphael and chess champion Bobby Fischer have in common? They were all child prodigies. NOVA explores the current efforts to learn more about the nature of giftedness.
Original broadcast date: 03/12/85
Topic: human biology/behavior

Monarch of the Mountains
NOVA explores the breeding, migration and survival patterns of the Rocky Mountain elk in a unique film, made totally under natural conditions. Telephoto lenses were used so as not to disturb the animals; filmmakers spent 18 months tracking the elk through the breathtaking Wyoming Rockies.
Original broadcast date: 03/19/85
Topic: animal biology/behavior

National Science Test II (The)
In NOVA's special sequel to1984's National Science Test, viewers can match wits with celebrity panelists David Attenborough, Michelle Johnson, Edwin Newman and Alvin Poussaint and a live studio audience. Art Fleming hosts.
Original broadcast date: 10/08/85
Topic: science/methods, ethics & education

Seeds of Tomorrow
NOVA examines worldwide efforts of scientists who employ aggressive agricultual technologies to ensure food for the future.
Original broadcast date: 10/15/85
Topic: plants/agriculture

What Einstein Never Knew
Albert Einstein did not live to find the answer. NOVA follows a new generation of physicists in their search to explain the mystery of the universe.
Original broadcast date: 10/22/85
Topic: science/methods, ethics & education

Robot Revolution? (The)
How are the computer and the robot affecting the way we work? NOVA chronicles the new industrial revolution reshaping the American workplace.
Original broadcast date: 10/29/85
Topic: technology/computers

Magic of Special Effects (The)
NOVA cameras go behind-the-scenes to reveal the new art of illusion, Hollywood-style, focusing on three blockbuster films—"Return of the Jedi," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "2010: The Year We Made Contact."
Original broadcast date: 11/05/85
Topic: photography/film

Child Survival: The Silent Emergency
NOVA charts the progress of an ambitious worldwide health program established to save the lives of millions of children who continue to die from common but curable diseases.
Original broadcast date: 11/12/85
Topic: medicine/health care & surgery

NOVA follows a chase team—a group of scientists who chart deadly tornadoes—in an effort to learn more about predicting nature's most powerful and elusive weather phenomenon.
Original broadcast date: 11/19/85
Topic: environment/weather

Genetic Gamble (The)
NOVA examines current research and its ethical implications as modern medicine confronts the era of human gene therapy.
Original broadcast date: 11/26/85
Topic: genetics

Animal Architects
NOVA examines the intricate world of nature's construction industry and presents rare footage of unusual habits.
Original broadcast date: 12/03/85
Topic: animal biology/behavior

Plane that Changed the World (The)
NOVA joins the 50th anniversary celebration of the DC-3—the plane that revolutionized commercial air travel, served gallantly in World War II and is called the most important plane ever built.
Original broadcast date: 12/17/85
Topic: technology/aeronautics & flight


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