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Secrets of Easter Island

Photo of Ahu Tongariki Ahu Tongariki

In 1960, an earthquake in Chile triggered a tidal wave, which hit the coast of Easter Island at Tongariki. The tidal wave sent the 15 Tongariki moai—some of which weigh 30 tons—several hundred feet inland. The ahu, the largest on Easter Island, was effectively destroyed. It wasn't until 1992 that the site was restored, under the direction of Chilean archaeologist, Claudio Cristino. The task took five years.

Photo of Ahu Tongariki Photo of Ahu Tongariki

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Ahu Tongariki Ahu Tahai QTVR

Raising the Moai  
Moai being raised on May 5th (still from video) You'll need the (free) RealPlayer plugin to view the Moai raising video. If you already have the software, choose an appropriate connection speed to view a clip.

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