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Track the Fossa Track the Fossa

Shockwave required

Track the Fossa
by Karen Hartley

You have been recruited to join a scientific team in the thick jungles of Madagascar, which are filled with creatures found nowhere else on Earth. Your mission: Find and track one of the deadliest carnivores on the planet—the fossa (pronounced "FOO-sa").

You and your team members have accomplished the first part of your mission: Using your dart gun, you've shot and sedated a fossa. After measuring its weight and other body particulars, you outfit it with a radio collar transmitter. You want to find out more about how the fossa hunts and breeds. But to do that, you must track its movements through the dense jungle.

    Track the Fossa (1.8MB)
        requires the Shockwave plug-in
    Radio Tracking Basics

Photo: Roy Toft

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