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For Team NOVA, training for the Boston Marathon was an odyssey full of pitfalls, small triumphs, and transformations. Along the way, the runners recorded their innermost thoughts in e-mails to one another, Coach Don Megerle, and NOVA's producers. Here, delve into four intensely personal stories, told through interviews, e-mails, and other notes. You can also watch short videos of the runners sharing their sagas firsthand.—Susan K. Lewis

Betsey Powers-Sinclair

"I had gained 70 pounds over the past three years. And I knew I needed something this drastic to come through that."
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Jonathan Bush

"I was in a difficult place personally. And there was something reassuring about joining a group to do something healthy for me.… Pierre also told me I needed to meet girls and that there would be all these girls in the marathon."
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Sama ElBannan

"I decided to run the marathon because I wanted to do something for my mom … just do something for mom’s memory and for my family."
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Steve DeOssie

"I am designed and built specifically to run five yards and hit something with a lot of violence. … If I’d had rubber tires or blocking dummies along the 26 miles, I think it would have been a lot more comfortable for me"
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Videos produced by Melissa Salpietra and Susan K. Lewis. Edited by Melissa Salpietra. Original footage produced by Daniel McCabe and Hillary Wells.

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