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Carol Brayboy 44
School Administrator

Summer 2006 Profile

As a single working mother of three kids, and a parent for 22 years, Carol has struggled to focus on her own needs and desires. She is also the victim of a traumatic crime—an assault that changed her life. Aided by her spirituality, she's been able to recover, but she still seeks greater well-being. For the past 10 years, Carol has tried, unsuccessfully, to master what she calls the "how-to's of training." She thinks NOVA's project offers her a chance to succeed.

Carol's Race Results & Update

Official Time/Pace
Just under 7 hrs. (Official timing had stopped.)/Roughly 16 minutes per mile

Are you still running, four months later?
I am. I run about three times a week, from three to five miles at a time. It doesn't seem like much now, but what a difference from the pre-training days, when I couldn't even run around the block! I also do karate three or four times a week. I'd definitely like to run a marathon again.

What else has stayed with you?
The feeling that I can do anything and everything. I have more power now to follow through with my dreams and to push past obstacles. There were days during the training when I didn't want to run in the freezing cold or snow. But people were counting on me, and I started counting on myself more. I drive myself harder now, because I know that I can go further physically and emotionally. I'm able to be mindful of my fears and push through them.

What it all meant
It was a time of spiritual growth for me. My spiritual life fed into my ability to take on the marathon, but the experience also strengthened my spirituality. Running the marathon was never a dream I had as a little kid, but I always watched it as a kid. And seeing little kids along the course was fantastic. They would put their hands out and give you high-fives. I had an incredible feeling of being fulfilled.

When I took this on, I saw it as a personal goal. I hadn't realized how much it would inspire other people. It got my 23-year-old daughter running. My son wants to run on the track team. And my best friend is also running. It's great that it helped to inspire them.

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