Marathon Challenge



Uta Pippig 40
Elite Marathoner & Coach

Hear Uta reflect on the art of running and the joys of coaching Team NOVA.

Uta's running career is legendary. In the 1990s, she won the Berlin, Boston, and New York Marathons as well as ran in the Olympics. Born in Leipzig, Germany, she first competed as an athlete at the age of 13 through a local running club. She studied to be a doctor, but after passing her medical exams chose instead to commit her life to running. For Team NOVA, she was not just a coach able to convey technical advice; she was an athletic muse, motivating them through her infectious love of the sport. Uta has a special place in her heart for the Boston Marathon, which she won three consecutive times. In July 2004, she became a United States citizen at a ceremony at the Boston Esplanade held before a Boston Pops concert. Uta is founder and president of Take The Magic Step, LLC©, which develops and implements health and fitness programs for companies, nonprofit organizations, and schools.

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