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Jane Viener 59
Preschool Teacher

Summer 2006 Profile

Jane is a breast cancer survivor, but she doesn't focus on this past hardship. She's just launched herself into a new career teaching preschool, and she's excited to take on other new adventures. While she knows how to sweat it out as a speed walker, she wants to see if she can step it up some and become a marathoner. She recognizes, however, that she has to balance her incredible desire to run the Boston Marathon with her concern about a family history of heart disease.

Jane's Race Results & Update

Official Time/Pace
Just under 7 hrs. (Official timing had stopped.)/Roughly 16 minutes per mile

Are you still running, four months later?
Yes, about three or four times a week. I run about four miles per run and would like to continue that, weather permitting. I won't be running outdoors when it gets real cold or when it's dark before and after work. That, for me, was one of the worst parts of training—getting up in the dark, bundling up, and going. Tough stuff for me!!!!!

What else has stayed with you?
Lots has stayed with me from the training and marathon experience. I've never been so disciplined in my entire life. Great to know that if I have to, I can do "whatever" if I put my mind to it. Actually, there were many mornings I would have loved not to continue on with this adventure, but being a part of the team really made the difference. I doubt that I could have carried on without the support of everyone involved!!!!

I've also made some wonderful friendships. It's very interesting when a group of very diverse people come together but have a common denominator, how they quickly bond. I think we were also very special in terms of the support we offered each other. We really wanted all of us to finish.

Another thing I took from this experience is the knowledge that almost anyone can run a marathon with the proper training and mind-set! I never understood how someone could run 26 miles. I can now. It's been fun telling people that I "ran the Boston Marathon." They have a hard time believing it, since I was never a runner and am no spring chicken. When I answered the ad for this experiment, I never in a million years thought I would be chosen because of my age. I was given a wonderful opportunity.

What it all meant
You know, I'm not quite sure I can answer that one yet. It's still very overwhelming to me that I've done this. Maybe after seeing the show, I'll finally believe it. I will certainly be there rooting for my friends next year. Looking forward to being on the sidelines!!!!!


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