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dust mite


Whose dinner? This little guy's. (Eeeeewww.) This creepy crawly (better known as a dust mite) dines on your dead skin flakes. (Double eeeeewww!) And there is no food shortage—every hour you shed about 1.5 million flakes (which, by the way, make up 90 percent of what you call "dust"). But dust mites are actually really useful, because they help get rid of the dead skin flakes you shed. (Imagine what would happen if they didn't!)

Dust mites are the guys responsible for a lot of allergies (actually it's dust mite doo doo that causes the allergy—ICK!) They really like your bed—an average double bed can hold about 2 million mites.

follicle miteYou're also providing dinner for this dude—the follicle mite. This mite lives in the pores on your face, like your nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin, and in the places where your hair and eyelashes grow out. (If you're a teen-ager, you're in luck. The mite mostly likes to dine on the fat and dirt of adults.)

Grossed out yet? Want to get out of here? OK. You can go to Joe's Room if you want; nothing scary there.


You can go on and learn more about this way cool stuff. But if you do, make sure you have the stomach for it.

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