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good bacteria

Good-guy Bacteria

Yum, yum. These guys—the good-guy bacteria—wait in your intestines for food to come from your stomach. Then they take something you recognize as food (in this case, lettuce) and break it down into something your body recognizes as nutrients (which look nothing at all like lettuce).

Not all bacteria inside you are good. Some are harmful, like the bacteria below that attack your teeth and cause plaque buildup and cavities. (RAD! There's actually a reason to brush your teeth!)

bad mouth bacteriaSometimes good-guy bacteria kill off bad-guy bacteria. But sometimes good-guy bacteria get help from other infection fighters. If you want to see what they look like (it's kinda bloody), click here. If you're squeamish about that kind of stuff, click here to read an interview with Lennart Nilsson and find out how in the heck he took these photographs. If you want to find out how many bacteria (both good and bad) live inside you, click here.

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