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Mini-Andros Basics
size: 35" long, 16" wide, and 30.5" high
price tag: between $40,000-60,000
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Getting Around
The Mini-Andros travels on two tracks equipped with movable "arms." When extended, these arms broaden the vehicle's base, enabling it to climb and descend stairs as well as cross small ditches. When retracted, the vehicle can maneuver more easily in tight spaces. This feature, called "articulated tracking," is patented by Remotec, the company that sells and manufactures the robot. Speed: variable, between five and 70 feet per minute

An operator can control the Mini-Andros either by a portable or fiber optic cable—or remotely, by radio control. The operator's "control station" can be mounted on a two-wheeled cart, in a briefcase or in a backpack.

Other Features
  • Mini-Andros can fit in the trunk of a car.
  • It has a moveable arm that can lift 15 lbs when fully extended. It can reach 24" horizontally and 36" above the floor.
  • The robot comes equipped with three low-light video cameras. The cameras are located on the robot's movable arm, on an arm on top of the vehicle, and on the front of the chassis. Mini-Andros can also be equipped with infrared cameras.
  • Mini-Andros allows for two-way audio communication; both a microphone and a speaker are mounted on the robot.
  • A 12-gauge sidewinder shotgun can be mounted on the robot, as can a window breaker, a water disrupter (used for disabling bombs), or a charge dropper assembly.
  • In nuclear contamination situations, Mini-Andros can be equipped with a smear sampler, a contamination containment box, and a radiation detector.
See Me in Action
You'll need one of the (free) software plugins—RealPlayer or QuickTime—to be able to view the video clips of robots in action. If you already have the software, choose an appropriate connection speed (RealVideo) or the file size (QuickTime, AVI) to view a clip.

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Photos: Northrop Grumman/Remotec.

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