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Hazardous Duty Robots
Here are three dangerous situations where hazardous duty robots could be used. Read the scenarios, meet the robots, and then match the right robot to the job.

Step 1 - Read the scenarios
Terrorist Bomb Threat
The local newspaper receives an anonymous call—a terrorist group has placed a bomb in the basement of a downtown bank. Immediately, the area is evacuated. But if the bomb isn't removed or defused, it will cause millions of dollars worth of damage.

Land Mine Patrol
Peacekeeping troops encounter an open field known to contain land mines; many local children have lost limbs and even lives as a result of stepping on them. The commander orders that all the land mines be found and disabled.

Nuclear Disaster
There's been a explosion inside a nuclear reactor. The damage is contained within the reactor itself, but radioactive matter is everywhere. To further complicate matters, large pieces of debris cover the floor and engineers need to know whether the core is still intact.
Step 2 - Meet the Robots
The Mini-Andros ROBUG STAR
The Mini-Andros Robug III STAR

Step 3 - I'm ready to assign the robots their jobs.
(The game requires the Shockwave browser plugin)

Photos: (1) Northrop Grumman/Remotec; (2) University of Portsmouth; (3) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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