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Encyclopedia Titanica

For a history of the Titanic, passenger and crew biographies, research and discussions, visit this Web site.

The Australian Historical Home Page of
RMS Olympic, Titanic & HMHS Britannic.

An interesting site with lots of history on the ships of the White Star Line.

Dr. Robert D. Ballard

Learn more about this man and his underwater research.

The JASON Project

Participate in global explorations with the JASON Project; includes a virtual dive on the NR-1, with photographs, diagrams of the sub and sounds recorded during the dive.

Ocean Planet

A Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition; includes extensive links to Titanic resources.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Information about the Institute's research activities, history, submersible vehicles, and resources for kids K-12.

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC)

Includes descriptions of its many submersible vehicles and information on their research activities.

Tracking Drifter Buoys

Learn about ocean currents and the drifter buoys used to measure them.

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