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Camera Overboard!

Wait—that's your camera that just fell overboard! It's a one-of-a-kind underwater camera that's water-resistant, pressure-resistant, and it belongs to your best friend. Uh-oh! Stop the boat, stop the boat!

But the ship's captain says she can't do that right now; she has to drop off a signal buoy first. But she agrees to this—she'll turn the ship around after her assignment is over and return to where your camera fell. Your job is to get her back there. She tells you to remember these numbers:

latitude 30 degrees south, longitude 180 degrees east

Now, the captain gives you your assignment: Find out more about how you are going to get your camera back. Research the following ways to explore underwater so you can recommend one of them later:

  1. SCUBA equipment
  2. JIM diving suit
  3. Submersible

Done researching? O.K., now the captain wants the coordinates she gave you earlier. If you don't remember them, go back and find them. Then, click here to show the captain where she needs to go.

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