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Sally Blanchard

With one of the most recognizable names among "bird people," Sally Blanchard is well known for her theories on companion parrot behavior. Having been a bird sculptor for over 20 years, Blanchard is an avid bird watcher. Instead of just checking birds off of a life list as she saw new species, she became fascinated with what they did, and most of all, trying to figure out why they did it. Over 20 years ago, a fellow wood carver was also a bird breeder with a wonderful collection of raucous Amazons. The combination of bird sitting the Amazons, and a bird watching expedition to Costa Rica, kindled a particular interest in parrots.

When she purchased her first parrot, Blanchard was struck by how little information there was about their proper care in captivity. As a former teacher, it seemed natural for Blanchard to learn as much as she could about parrots to pass on to other parrot owners. She soon started taming wild caught parrots for both pet shops and individual owners, which led to many in-home consultations.

Although there is no academic degree in "companion parrot behavior," through the years Blanchard has taken college level courses in animal behavior, anatomy, biology, field ecology, zoology, sociology, ornithology, psychology, anthropology, creative writing, childhood development, and teaching. All have played a part in her thought process about parrot behavior. But working with virtually hundreds of parrots and talking to thousands of parrot owners over two decades has perhaps been her best classroom for companion parrot behavioral work.

Convinced there was a need for in-depth information about companion parrot behavior and care, Sally Blanchard started her own publication in 1991. Since then the Pet Bird Report, which has grown in size, reputation and number of subscribers. You can find a link to the Pet Bird Report's web site in the resources section of this site. Although producing the Pet Bird Report takes the majority of Sally's time, she is working on parrot behavior videos and books on African Greys and Parrot Behavior. She also continues to present seminars throughout the United States and has spoken at all of the major North American avicultural conventions.


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