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Pet Bird Report
Insightful articles on the care of pet birds with an emphasis on solving behavior problems. This publication is edited by Sally Blanchard.

Don't Shoot the Dog!
Learn about Karen Pryor's techniques for teaching and training dogs with positive reinforcement.

American Veterinary Medical Association
This site features articles from the association's journal, as well as links to many veterinary medical and animal-related sites.

The Veterinary Information Network
This is an online community and resource for and by veterinarians, offering educational courses, medical databases, forums for discussion, and more.

Cheryl May's Dog Training Page
A step-by-step how-to guide to "clicker training" (a non-coercive teaching system) your dog.

Dr. P's Dog Training
This site features an extensive compilation of articles about dogs, ranging in topics from general dog behavior to specifics of training to potential problems with puppies.

Cornell Veterinary Medicine
This is an in-progress animal health Web site from Cornell University, which allows you to subscribe to "DogWatch" and "CatWatch," two newsletters for animal lovers, and to learn about horses.

The Body Language and Emotion of Cats
by Myrna M., D.V.M. Milani
Quill, 1993

The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior
by Bruce Fogle, Anne B. Wilson (Illustrator)
Howell Book House, 1992

Is Your Cat Crazy?: Solutions from the Casebook of a Cat Therapist
by John C. Wright, Judi Wright Lashnits
Howell Book House, August 1994

Behavior and Evolution of Birds: Readings from Scientific American Magazine
Edited by Douglas Mock
W H Freeman & Co., 1991

Between Pets and People: The Importance of Animal Companionship
by Alan M. Beck, Aaron Katcher
Purdue Univeristy Press, 1996

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot
by Mattie Sue Athan
Barrons Educational Series, 1993

Get Real
Canine Companions for Independence
This national organization has many opportunities for volunteers willing to help achieve its goal of providing highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities. Volunteers are integral to the success of this program and are needed to do everything from raising CCI puppies to general office work. Volunteers provide the person power at events, and staff information booths at fairs and expos. They also speak to various service groups about CCI and the benefits of having an assistance dog.

For more information about how you can become a CCI volunteer, contact Canine Companions for Independence at 800-572-2275.

Thanks To
San Diego Zoo

Potter Park Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo

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