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You might see mostly cats, dogs, birds, and mice where you live. But there are many more animals all over the world that you have probably never heard about. The animals below are all part of the Species Survival Plan®, a program run by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association that works to make sure certain wildlife species survive.

Take this quiz to see how much you know: click on the correct name below for animal #1.

animal #1

Animal #1
animal #2

animal #3

animal #4

animal #5

animal #6

animal #7

Chacoan Peccary | Cotton-Top Tamarin | Micronesian Kingfisher | Okapi
Scimitar-Horned Oryx | Siamang | Tree Kangaroo

References | Photos: (1) Mike Greer/Chicago Zoological Society; (2) courtesy of Potter Park Zoo; (3) Jim Marlett; (4) courtesy of the Zoological Society of San Diego; (5) Tim Knight; (6) Anne F. Maben/Underwater Photography; Dale Tuttle/Jacksonville Zoological Gardens.

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