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Barbara Bonner

Barbara Bonner's love of "herps" (amphibians and reptiles) dates back 36 years, to when she was a small child. Although there were intervals during which she vowed to become a "normal person," they did not last. It was never long before her Tupperware would be reappropriated as water dishes, her windowsill space occupied with assorted reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, and all her resources devoted to the care and well-being of her menagerie.

Bonner says she is fortunate to have a devoted and understanding husband who joins her in the conservation and welfare issues undertaken by the Turtle Hospital. She will currently take in and treat any ill or injured herp; if clients cannot pay, they can donate the patient to the Turtle Hospital, and it will receive appropriate veterinary treatment. Space limitations occasionally limit their capacity to treat certain animals.

In addition to the Turtle Hospital, Bonner participates in the revitalization of the Franklin Park and Stone Zoos. There she serves as consulting veterinarian to the herp collection of the zoos, where she works closely with veterinarians Dr. Becky Chafel and head veterinarian Dr. Haley Weston to ensure the health of the zoo herps.


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