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Additional Resources

Searching for Alien Worlds

Extrasolar Visions

Filled with rich graphics, facts and figures, and fun speculation. This is a must stop for anyone who wants to dream about newly detected worlds.

San Francisco State University Planet Search Project

SFSU is the home of planet hunters Geoff Marcy and Paul Butler. This site includes their latest research papers and details about the ongoing hunt.

Other Worlds / Distant Suns

Interesting VRML simulations of the extrasolar planets for the high power user. This site also includes simpler observing guides and lots of links.

The Planetary Society

In addition to information about the organization itself, this site contains articles from their publication Bioastronomy News, as well as information and links about the search for other worlds and extraterrestrial life.


Sky & Telescope Magazine

A great site for anyone interested in getting involved in amateur astronomy. Links to other resources from the popular astronomy magazine.

General Astronomy

AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

A more comprehensive database of astronomy resources.

Women in Astronomy

Reviews the past and sets the stage for future contributions of women to the field.

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